Black Chevron Acrylic Personalized Box Clutch

$ 77.00

Black Chevron Acrylic Personalized Box Clutch from milanblocks, fashion zig design pattern with silver glitter strip and mother of pearl acrylic zig on the top of this bag, looks very cool and fashion. chic purses absolutely is Milanblocks--Expert design evening bags and shoes company in USA.


Size:20*10*5 cm


Designed In USA


Handling & Shipping :

Handling time:7 work days.

Shipping Time: 5-10 work days



Milanblocks design idea is  inspired by tropical Life, our evening clutch focus is tailored to the bridal, prom, party, or formal event, but I can customize evening clutches for any occasion, or even for escapades around the big city.

Each clutch is made from a wooden box, embellished with acrylic, glitter, pearls, gemstones, and whatever else I can innovate in my design studio.

 These custom box evening clutches each contain a part of my soul. Looking for something you can’t find on my site? Don’t be shy, Check out our Black Glitter Zig Acrylic Personalized Box Clutch


Color: Black

Made In: China

Shipped From: United States

Lead Time: 5 - 7 Days



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